Troubleshooting Airless Paint Sprayer

The introduction of airless paint sprayer has shaken the painting industry with a storm. The professional sprayers as well as home owners can paint using it stress free. It has received positive reviews online as an ideal tool for painting. It doesn’t not only generate fine paints, but also save you time when painting. Again, some of the models are easy to manage and also offer exceptional finishes.

It is imperative to note that a number of models are not easy to use. When using such models, you have to be extra careful. The paint must carefully be thinned for perfect viscosity, and in case you mess up, you will end up with uneven spray coverage. The good thing about these sprayers is that they have secured containers that hold the paints as well as dispensing them via single nozzles. So, if you are planning to do a painting job or project, then they are ideal tools for you.

Painting a house with your hands will take days but the same task will be accomplished within few hours using airless sprayer. Fences, acoustic popcorn ceilings are some of the few hard-to-paint surfaces that you cannot paint by hand but using these sprayers. However, it can be frustrating to use them if they are not properly maintained or cleaned. The balky sprayers can result into work stoppages. Presence of grits in the paint may also affect the normal functioning of the sprayer. That is why you should learn how to fix the sprayer.

It is much easier to troubleshoot airless sprayer if you clearly understands how it works or functions. Some of the things you will need for this purpose are paint buckets, crescent wrenches, hammers and paint strainers. Below are tips on how to fix some of the common problems.

Problem One: Improper Spray Pattern

It is important to note that the tips of airless paint sprayers are specifically designed to spray certain types of materials and work on specific painting job. For example, it isn’t recommended to use the same tip or nozzle for spraying latex paints and semi-transparent stains. There are different types of spray tips available at paint stores or being sold by paint dealers. They are also cheap. Uneven spray patterns are commonly caused by wrong or worn spray tips.

It is imperative to check pressure settings. In case the spray pattern is ‘grainy’ in appearance or weak, then you should increase the pressure. And if the paints appear to drip and run, then you should decrease the pressure. A clogged tip can be fixed by straining the paints. The clogging is mostly caused by grits or debris.

Problem Two: No Pressure

If the airless paint sprayer generates low pressure, then you should check the amount of mount in the hopper or bucket. If the paint level is too low, it means it is sucking up air. You should refill the bucket and purge the sucked air. You should also thin the paint according to paint and manufacture label directions. There are some sprayers that can generate high pressure without a problem but the smaller models can’t. It is important to use the correct size nozzle or spray tip. The ball valves should also be tapped using a hammer to unstuck them. The crescent wrenches will help you fix clogged filters.

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