Top Benefits of Using the Aurora HDR Photo Editing Software

Have you been using the Aurora software? If not, then you have been missing several benefits that come with this software. Here are some of the ways you stand to benefit by using this software for your photo editing.

  1. It has several nuances that you will love

No user enjoys buying a software whose functionalities are limited. The Aurora software is specially packaged with all the features you can imagine of. It has both small and big requirements that can make any software special.  Compare different kinds of HDR photo editing software and you will discover that the Aurora applications stand out from the competition.

For example, the image radiance slide will stimulate the ‘Orton Effect’ which is a soft look that would take you several hours to edit in other software. The hue, saturation, luminosity (HSL) will help you in fine tuning the image by isolating the various effects to particular colors. For instance, you may only decide to brighten the greens or reds. Color toning will assist you to create an amazing duotone or sepia appearance and is highly adjustable.

The tone curve is widely used by advanced photographers who have a lot of experience with photoshop and offers fast adjustments to the RGB channels or image. Most photographers like the Vignette tool in finishing of images by simply adjusting the exposure of the edge which draws the eye of the viewer to the most important sections of the photo.

  1. Freedom of Creating Anything

Aurora HDR will not limit the vision you have with your photos. The software will give you realistic and completely natural results that you can achieve with a lot of ease. The software will give your photos a more realistic approach. You can now have peace if you are looking for a more saturated and crunchy look. It can help you to build images that have layers by using the textures or modes to stylize them more. The gallery preset will allow you to explore several looks before deciding on the direction you will take.

  1. You get an exclusive opportunity to get on the cover of the magazine

The company launched a unique and creative challenge after receiving inspiration by the images that people use Aurora to create.  Some of these favorite magazines are found in the UK, USA, and Australia. It is widely known as the “Best HDR” challenge and SmugMug also supports it.  All you need to do is use Arora to create some photos and then submit them in the contest. The company picks for top photos each month and publishes them in magazines such as Digital Camera, Digital Photo, Australian Photography, and Outdoor Photography. Isn’t this a unique and fantastic opportunity to showcase your skills?

  1. It is developed hand in hand with the best photographers in the world

One of the most famous photographer known as Trey Ratcliff worked hand in hand with Aurora to develop this software. Other amazing photographers that worked on this program include Serge Ramelli, Captain Kimo, and Jim Nix. This means that the program has the needs of any photographer in mind. Several photography lovers, image processing specialists, and fantastic photographers help in improving this software day in day out. If you have not tried this software, just give it a shot and you will not have any regrets.