Quilo 3in1 Evaporative Humidifier And Cooler

This Quilo evaporative energy efficient fan is created to provide you the comfort all year round. This evaporative fan is an innovative product which maintains the best air quality around you and does not harm the natural environment. To achieve all this, the team of experts gathered and tried to make a product which is best in terms of performance and also climate-friendly. The majority of air coolers and air conditioners utilize AC motor to get the power, but the Quilo energy efficient fan used DC motor for the power. And this is the key which makes the Quilo evaporative fan an energy efficient one.


  • Innovative product design
  • Whisper quiet operation and super low power consumption
  • Rapid cooling
  • Minimizes water spillage
  • Easy to move anywhere and maintain
  • It retains the same settings after you turn it off or turn it on back again
  • Patent pending brushless motor technology

Advantages Of Quilo 3in1 Energy Efficient Fan:

When you own a Quilo evaporative cooler and humidifier, energy efficient fan, you can enjoy its cool zephyrs with a lot of different advantages. A few of such pros are as follows:

  • Energy Efficient:

Like other air conditioners utilized in our home regularly, the Quilo evaporative fan does not take much energy. The average air conditioners take on 500 watts, but the Quilo fan takes 8 watts of energy. In today’s world, climate change is a very big issue; the Quilo fan does not produce such gases which can harm our climate.

  • Portable:

Side handles, robust caster wheels and removable power cable allows you to move the Quilo energy efficient fan easily. It also has a sleek remote which you can use for different operations from about 12 feet away.

  • Compact:

This device is very compact and can fit in almost any kind of space. You can move it anywhere very easily because it is low weight; weighing almost 13.2 lbs.

  • Powerful Performance:

With Quilo 3in1 fan you can now enjoy cool air in hot weather. When the blazing heat outside gets insufferable, you can use this device to cool the air inside your home. It can reduce the heat in no time by up to twenty degrees in a room. You can also quicken the process of cooling by putting some ice in the Quilo’s ice compartment. For further information, you can visit: https://quilohome.com/products/quilo-fan-evaporative-air-cooler/