Small Business Tips: Staying Relevant to Online Users

Businesses need to adapt to the changing world, and this does not stop with getting a website. There is always more to do because consumers expect more than ever before. The following are just a few tips to meet growing demands.

SEO Matters

A small business needs to ensure that his or her page answers a potential customer’s online search. This is why SEO is very important. Making sure that your page shows up with related keyword searches ensures warm advertising since online searchers are already looking for what you are selling or providing.


Most online users use various types of devices throughout the day. Yes, there are still a number of people who use computers, but a lot of people use tablets, mini-laptops, and cellphones. It is important that your site easily adapts to each of these screens. Potential customers will simply skip your page if it takes too long to load or is not device-friendly.

Online Chat

The digital age has changed the way people interact with businesses and what potential customers expect from a business they are considering. A survey shows that most online users are very impatient. Most of them expect an answer to their query within 10 minutes. You are a busy person, and there is little chance that you can give customers that kind of response unless you hire an entire fleet of online employees, but that can be costly. This is one reason why you should make your own chatbot like many other small businesses are doing. This uses your own information and artificial intelligence technology to simulate a chat conversation with your potential customers. This might lead to a sale, so it is worth considering.

Social Media

You might not like this, but social media has changed things online. You should make sure there are plenty of sharing options on pages throughout your site. It is also a good idea to have a few social media accounts. Customers expect a business to be linked to social media. This does not mean you have to sign up for every social media platform out there but at least have one. Do your best to keep this account active. You can even consider hiring a social media manager to do this on your behalf.

Content Matters

Online users expect new content or their attention might start to wander. It might not be easy to keep up with content. You can hire a content creator if you want, but the point is to keep your site up to date. Post news about your company, insights you want to share, or just regular blog posts. This is good for your business in the eyes of your customers, and search engines rank you higher if you publish fresh content. Make sure that the content you write is SEO-friendly.

These are just some of the things online users expect from companies like yours. It is important to keep up with their demands because you never know who is going to become a customer.