New Tech for Parents

Got a new member to the family? Thanks to new technology innovations, parenting has never been easier. With countless cool gadgets, websites, and apps, there are many new services out there to help make your new life as a parent a little bit simpler.

Cloud of Goods – Rent a Stroller, Car Seat or Toys

If there’s one thing that children make harder, it’s traveling. Fortunately, there’s a new startup that makes it much easier to vacation to family-friendly destinations like San Francisco and Orlando, without worrying about lugging all your kids’ stuff with you. Rent a stroller in San Francisco and have it meet you at a hotel! Rent a booster seat in Orlando and never worry about trying to cram it aboard an airplane again. Or simply have your toddler’s favorite toys ready and waiting when you get to your destination.

White Noise Baby – Help Put Junior to Sleep

While some babies and infants seem to fall right asleep, others are a tad more particular. Every parent has their tricks for trying to get a colicky baby to bed: taking them for a ride in the car, singing to them, or even crawling up into the crib to sleep next to one another. Well here’s something a little easier, White Noise Baby, an app that delivers a number of sounds shown to soothe little ones to sleep. It might take a little experimenting to find the perfect sound for your child, but it definitely beats burning gas while circling the block for hours!

 Mom Maps – Find Great Child Friendly Places

Looking for places to go and things to do with your kid? Well look no further than Mom Maps. (Yes, dads can use it too!) Whether you’re in your local neighborhood, or out traveling, this app shows you all sorts of great places you can go in cities across the world. Parks, restaurants, stores, playgrounds, and more – this app has got it all!