History of Vending Machines

Vending Machines can be seen in almost every race of the life nowadays and make things easy for us. However, it will be interesting to know that when and where these machines were invented and used for the first time and what kind of developments being made in this industry.

 ‘First Ever’ Vending Machines in the History

According to vendingworld.com collected history books the first ever experiment which was recorded as the vending machine comes from the Greeks where a mathematician Hero of Alexandria invented a device to dispense the holy water inside Egyptian temples. That is the very first machine which can be categorized as the first vending machine.

In some other history books, it is stated that small machines that were made of brass and were in use to dispense tobacco were found in some taverns in England around 1615 but the historians are not sure that they fall in vending machines category or not.

However, in 1822, an English publisher and bookkeeper named Richard Carlile invented a newspaper dispensing the machine that allowed patrons to purchase banned works. Later in 1867, a vending machine, which dispensed stamps, is known as first fully functioned automated vending machine.

There are some other stories which are also stated in vendingword.com books collection but didn’t look authentic.

First Authentic Commercial Machine

Apart from the false stories, it was somewhere in 1880 to 1890, the first commercial vending machine was introduced in London, England in the coin-operated category. That machine was invented by Percival Everitt, which were used at railway stations and post offices as they were convenient to purchase postcards, envelopes, and note papers.

As per the manufacturers of vending machines are concerned, Sweetmeat Automatic Delivery Company is known as the first Company that manufactured the vending machines on the commercial basis in the year of 1887.

If we talk about the United States in this regard, in 1888, the Thomas Adams Gum Company is known as the pioneers of vending machines in the United States. The machines were installed on the elevated subway platforms in New York City and sold Tutti-Fruiti gum.

As stated in the books that are available in vendingworld.com office, vending machine production keep going on and on and result the Pulver Manufacturing Company added animated figures to its gum machines as an added attraction back in 1897.

Vending machines with more advanced functionalities were observed in 1907 in the shape of round, candy-coated gumball, and gumball vending machines.

First Beverage Vending Machines

According to vendingworld.com collected information, beverage dispensing machines were introduced back in 1890. The very first beverage vending machine was located in Paris, France and allowed people to buy beer wine and liquor. In

As we are frequently using the beverages via vending machines but it was back in the early 1920s, when the first automatic vending machines started dispensing sodas into cups.

First Cigarette Vending Machine

The first cigarette Vending machine was invented by an American named William Rowe in 1926. Over time, however, they became increasingly less common in the United States due to concerns over underage buyers.

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