A Guide on How to Buy the Right Police Dispatch Software

There are several options of vendors in the virtual market who sell police dispatch software among other frontline safety telecommunicators. The police communications center is a very sensitive department that ought to be swift in regards to responding to emergencies in order to save lives. Therefore the agency should prioritize urgency by investing in efficient and reliable police dispatch program that can help it in working swiftly to save lives. Here are some of the important guidelines to consider when selecting the right dispatch software for the police communications departments.
Questions to Ask When Buying the Dispatch Software


Computer aided dispatch software is an important technological advancement that has greatly improved how the police communicate and effect quick responses in times of emergency. Before investing in the software and having it integrated into the police dispatch system, consider asking the following questions:

Does it fit the current system?

The real purpose of buying the dispatch software is to make operations better and efficient than they are currently. Hence when buying new software, you ought to ensure that it fits your computer system’s specs and connection. Otherwise, if you will have to use another system or set of computers to run the software, then what you are buying isn’t an integrated and more reliable system but an unnecessary investment. The software should be compatible with the existing dispatch systems in the police communication center.
Is It Easy to Use?
It’s vital to buy software that is easy for police officers in the station to operate. There are several software solutions in the market today that are designed in different ways, and if you shop around widely, you can be sure find the most suitable package. Since not everyone is a computer genius, you ought to buy software that is user-friendly. You should consider buying the software from vendors who provide onsite training to help the police officers so as maximize the capabilities of the program.

Does it have the right specs and support?

A credible software should be designed for full multidisciplinary and multi-jurisdictional dispatching capabilities. The software can even enable different disciplines such as fire and law to share and update relevant call information during times of emergency. To optimize the best police dispatching options, you have to ensure that the software has the necessary features. Remember, you may encounter certain problems when using the software for the first few days and you will require some technical support from the manufacturer so as to maintain a smooth running of police dispatch operations. Buy a software with features that will enable the police department to personalize its entire dispatches.
Before contemplating making any purchase, an agency ought to review and assess its existing dispatch infrastructure. The communication center managers should decide whether they’ll interface their dispatch systems with emerging technologies such as internet protocol multimedia subsystems and gaming equipment with access to VoIP service. Consider discussing your situations with officers from neighboring jurisdictions who are satisfied with their police dispatch software to borrow an idea of the right vendors to approach. Major decisions as to the right IT support, operational configurations and responsibility matrix have to be well defined before you start shopping for the dispatch software.