Smart PPE Is the Next Trend In Construction Safety

At a construction site, safety supervision has always been the responsibility of safety officers and safety personnel. However, with the recent advancements in technology for the past few years, the construction industry has been utilizing the Internet of Things as a way to improve safety management on construction sites.

This includes direct communication between various “smart things,” ranging from smart phones, sensors, and databases that provide a new angle on safety management. For that reason, we have decided to tackle how intelligent PPE could be the next trend in construction safety.

The Utilization of Sensors and Connectivity

Recently, the construction industry has adopted sensors and connectivity to generate better results not only through the promise of data, but by offering better safety and protection to those who are involved. Products capable of measuring and reacting to accidents are being developed with hopes of protecting individuals and prevent not only accidents, but health issues and tragic situations as well. This has all been possible with the use of smart PPE.

Aside from that, IoT technology is also entering the world of PPE, as a way to improve worker safety, especially in the construction environment. Due to this, end users, as well as the purchasers and employers are highly encouraged to contribute by searching a strong common interest in the workplace. Wherein, smart PPE, as well as other safety equipment doesn’t only comply with the rules and regulations within the industry, but it also increases the protection by lowering workplace accident and injuries. As for employers, it’s entirely up to them if they are going to request a “smart” PPE, but it’s highly encouraged that they do.

The Safety and Health Equipment Market Will Begin to Boom

IoT technology would have a significant impact in the health and safety equipment market, and this has already been experienced because back in 2015, reports show that by the year 2020, there would be an increase of $52.4 billion in the PPE market. With smart PPE, the construction industry would be able to save time while improving productivity through connectivity at the same time– live updates and remote communication would be possible.

Sensors would automate processes that transpire within the workplace. Wherein, manual inspection of containers would be replaced with smart app and sensors that could accurately monitor if there are any temperature changes or leakage happening.

Wherein, whenever a leak has been detected, the intelligent system would notify those who are in-charge. This only implies that sensors, together with the ability to be able to connect with mobile app and data storage would ensure a safer environment, as well as workplace safety.

As for further applications on-site, “geofencing” would also be practiced even more. This involves securing the area, wherein the workers would be notified through the smart PPE they are wearing– these sensors can be in the form of hats, vests, and other equipment capable of protecting the workers, that also function as a monitoring device at the same time. This, combined with traffic safety equipment, such as traffic safety cones, would lessen the occurrence of traffic-related accidents in the construction site.

Preventing Injury and Saving Lives

For the next few years, we can expect that smart PPE would be able to prevent injury and save lives actively. That also implies that the costs associated with workplace accidents would go down, because intelligent sensors and components, combined with data storage and connectivity would be able to provide overall health and safety for everyone.


Through the help of smart sensors, it could notify the worker regarding hazardous situations. Additionally, “smart” health and safety equipment can be utilized to assess the patterns of dangers, eliminating the risks of accidents. However, to ensure that everything would be done correctly, it’s crucial to conduct appropriate research first before implementing the use of certain smart PPE wearable in a construction site.

The Future Of Construction Job Sites And Smart PPE

Overall, we can say that smart PPE, together with IoT technology, would have a significant impact in the construction industry for the following years. These are just some of what you can expect from these technological innovations. Similar to the introduction of seat belts, leading to a change in regulations when it comes to driving, we could expect that smart PPE would also raise the standards of construction safety, and it will definitely have a positive impact in this industry.


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