Thing about Facebook You Haven’t Thought of

Internet users are increasing daily. Internet and web applications are also being widely used worldwide. People love spending time on internet.

Many of them love spending a great part of their time on social networking websites.

So let’s talk about Facebook, shall we? There are only four positive outcomes facebook can get from its Platform.

  1. Facebook Generates More Traffic and Therefore More Ad Revenue:

This seems very unlikely. It’s not likely because of the nature of the apps being created. I know that developers can use this wonderful Platform to create “anything” and integrate a ton of apps, etc, etc.

But the fact of the matter is that nothing truly compelling is going to be created for Facebook.

Yes, I think the people who already use facebook every day will find a lot of value out of things like alike, the Honesty Box or the ever popular “Graffiti”

but can you honestly tell me that these things are going to cause a huge spike in Facebook traffic?

Are people going that bananas over the “Where Have I Been Map” that Facebook is purchasing more server space?

  1. Facebook Gains a Lot of New Users:

The fact of the matter is some people use social networking sites and some people don’t. And of those people, 80% of them have made up their mind as to which social networking site they want to use.

I think it’s also safe to assume that none of the current top facebook apps are going to be enough to change anyone’s mind about these decisions. Which brings me to my next point…?

  1. Facebook Steals a Lot of Users From its Competition:

You’d think that people would understand this by now, but as a developer I can confidently say:

Technology features are of limited importance in determining the success or failure of a social app. Unless you’re REALLY changing the game, unless you’re really bringing something new and innovative to the table, the tech features will always be secondary.

Social sites are about the people.

So if Facebook won’t get more traffic, more users or steal users from their competition, what can they expect…?

  1. Facebook Gains a Small Boost in Traffic From Having a Clever New Feature on their Website:

Cool features will help any social website to gain and keep users. It’s about branding, marketing, and global scalability.

The cute features just have less and less of a real impact to the bottom line as the number of users grows and grows.

Honestly, I think Facebook has a bigger problem to deal with.

But no Facebook exclusive Killer Apps. Which isn’t to say that allowing people to integrate all of the other web applications they use into Facebook (provided the other companies have taken the time to develop a Facebook app) that Facebook won’t make a big push for being a “start page” with added utility?

This could be huge on Facebook, but again not exactly groundbreaking.

I think Facebook is great, but the hype is weighing so heavy. This isn’t the next Microsoft, this isn’t an internet revolution.

This most definitely does NOT change everything.

Smart move? Definitely.

The big step forward for web 2.0 and user-generated content?

Big yes.

A big push for the “browser less web” that this blog is supposed to stand for?

That too. I think it’s a good move, but it needs to be taken in perspective.

I wish Zuckerberg and all his fan boys the best of luck.

Why Facebook != Microsoft :

I just want to clear this up. Back when Microsoft presented an open API to developers and encouraged them to create software, there wasn’t a lot you could really do with a computer.

Times were very different. It was an issue of “You mean I can do my taxes using my personal computer?” or “Wow, you mean I can edit photos and layouts using my home computer?” back then.

People were able to do things that they otherwise could not use their computer to do as a result of the first popular M$ apps. Doors were being broken down, the role of the PC was expanding. What is Facebook giving us?

While both Facebook and Microsoft were the first in their fields to present an open API, the truth is that only one of them did it in a way that was actually relevant and groundbreaking.

If you wondering what open API is and want to know more about it visit here

Developer’s Perspective:

From a developers perspective, this Platform is nothing special.

I logged in and checked it out. Essentially you get to write your own code, connect to your own database and you have the ability to make data calls using Facebook’s little proprietary system.

All Facebook is doing is organizing the “apps” and giving people a quick way to add them to a page.